A very late update

So sorry that there has been like nothing on this blog for practically ages! It’s been a fairly busy time with exams and end of semester, and so basically, my highly recommended reaction to this was just to ignore all my responsibilities and take a nap. A+ adulting there.

And now it’s almost the start of the next semester (my last, thankfully!), and this blog has been very sadly neglected.

I’ve been quite busy in the kitchen though. My sister’s friend had a surprise baby shower, and so I was volunteered by said sister to bake all the sweet things for the shower.

It turned out quite well, although tbh trying to bake four different things and ice them all and have them all ready on time was quite the challenge.

I was actually quite proud, especially of the shortbread biscuits dipped in white chocolate which I thought were frankly adorable – which my sister then proceeded to forget at home!


I also made carrot cake with seriously the best white chocolate-cream cheese icing, and found out that (a) there is a reason you wait until the cake is completely cooled before icing and (b) never ice the top of the cake when wanting to make a hundreds and thousands cake because you will end up literally throwing the sprinkles at the cake in order to cover the sides and then will spend the next three hours cleaning up the kitchen and the carpet and omg hundreds and thousands will be turning up weeks afterwards.


The cupcakes were made using the same recipe as the Potted Plant Cupcakes, and honestly it’s such a good recipe – it’s quickly becoming my go-to one for anything involving chocolate and muffins. I think icing is definitely something I’d like to improve on – watch this space! – because my mum has all these icing tips with different designs, but none are those thick ones that produce icing that looks like little clouds, which is what I was really going for. So that’s added to the wishlist!

The baby shower also marked the first and last time I’ll ever make rice krispie treats. I was aiming  for this, but turns out using pink marshmallows will make everything turn pink, funnily enough. Also, can I just say that working with melted marshmallow is literally hell on earth – it’s wayyyy stickier than I ever thought it would be, the top of the spatula literally came off into the batter and then wouldn’t come out again. Seriously, it was like trying to retrieve it from mangrove mud and that stuff cost several of my classmates in Year 7 their gumboots. Also, trying to cut out shapes using plastic cutters was such a mission – they look very cute, but it took a lot of work to get them that way.


I’ve also made ginger kisses, and learnt that that is one biscuit that definitely needs to be piped onto trays before baking, and a gnocchi bolognese which came out very nice (although no photos because I still haven’t mastered how to make meat dishes actually look appetizing in my photos yet…)

So, if you made it through all that, I’m back again and next time there will be a proper recipe post and Cookbook Crush will be back and running!


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